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at Lake Como - the most glamorous of Italy’s Lakes

Less than a one-hour drive north of Milan, Lake Como is the most glamorous of Italy’s lakes, encircled in by the snow-capped Alps with picture-perfect villages on the water. 

It’s rich in culture, with opulent villas that once belonged to artists, writers, opera singers and explorers. Pliny the Elder, author of the first encyclopaedia, was born here, while 19th-century soprano Giuditta Pasta is known to have entertained composers Bellini and Donizetti in her lakefront residence on the eastern shore. 

Though the famous spots still pull in the majority of visitors, the lake has retained its authenticity, with plenty of sleepy fishing villages, home to rustic, family-run trattorias serving up traditional hearty fare. Lake Como is ripe for exploration, with forested mountains providing excellent hiking opportunities and memorable views. It’s also renowned for its lush gardens ablaze with flowers.

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With travel making a comeback after many of us have postponed trips, families are finally putting plans for family vacation ideas back on the “To-Do-List”...

Como is not only a place to enjoy breath taking views, as vital for the region as a whole, are the splendid sights, the high-end fashion, the industrialisation & business, but so is –also the food...

Lake Como is a place of exceptional charm, a corner of the world where nature, art and breathtaking landscapes come together to a unique piece which creates memorable feeling in those that have been here...

This is the holiday related to true love and the beautiful Lake Como is the choice of lovers from Italy and around the world. A holiday - will romantic but also filled with the best that can be found with: luxu

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