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<<<<< RISTORANTI - RESTAURANTS >>>>> Ristorante Pizzeria In Borgovico - dist. 30 meter - Via Borgo Vico 79 - www.ristoranteinborgovico.com [...]

  • Libeskind hotel borgovico


Libeskind "The Life Electric" is the name of the work of Daniel Libeskind, designed in honor of Alessandro Volta. It [...]

  • Porta di Como romana hotel borgovico

Port of Como roman

Port of Como roman is the monumental entrance to the Roman city, dating back to the first century BC. It's [...]

  • Museo storico Garibaldi borgovico hotel

Historical museum G.Garibaldi

Historical museum G.Garibaldi has two main sections, one dedicated to the Risorgimento and Contemporary history and on for the ethnography. [...]

  • pinacoteca civica como hotel

Civic picture gallery

Civic picture gallery P.Giovio with the Archaeological Museum, the Historical Museum "Giuseppe Garibaldi" and Volta Temple is part of the [...]

  • basilica sant abbondio como hotel borgovico

Basilica Sant’Abbondio

Basilica Sant'Abbondio has been built in 1013 by Benedictine monks and incorporates an ancient church dedicated to Saints Peter and [...]

  • villa olmo como link utili hotel

Villa Olmo

Villa Olmo big neoclassical building of end '700 surrounded by a magnificent park with very old trees. It is possible [...]

  • aereo club como links utili

Aereo club

Aereo club is the oldest organization with flight by seaplane and water flying school in the world (record approved by [...]

  • teatro sociale link utili

Teatro sociale

Teatro sociale built in 1813, the Teatro Sociale di Como is open more than 300 days a year and [...]

  • casa del fascio links utili

Casa del fascio

Casa del fascio is one of the most important examples of rationalism in Italy. The project was Giuseppe Terragni [...]

  • links utili tempio voltiano como borgovico

Volta Temple

Volta Temple is a small neoclassical temple built in 1927 dedicated to the inventor of the electric battery Alessandro [...]

  • duomo como links utili cattedrale hotel

Cathedral of Como

Cathedral of Como is the most important church in the city of Como. The building started in 1396, while [...]

Hotel Santa Libera

Hotel Santa Libera this hotel is located in Intelvi Valley (Como). It is nice and modern hotel with a garden [...]

  • link utili lakecomo portale turismo


www.lakecomo.it the best website fot touristic information about the lake of Como area. Art, cultur, history, food, sport, all about [...]

Hotel Borgovico and Como Lake